Create space for the unexpected to guide you to your healing destination

We live so immersed in the practical ways of living that we often forget life is mysterious by default. Our craving for security is so strong that sometimes we fail to include room for life to reveal its mysteries and take us to where we must be and not to where we think we should be. It is in our hands to create space for the unexpected to guide us to our healing destination.

In 2019 I started to live as a digital nomad and adopted the lifestyle of traveling. At the time I was working fully remotely, serving as Head of Growth for an insuretch startup in São Paulo, Pier Digital. I had a team to manage and a big growth curve ahead of me. But internally, nothing was more important than venturing into the world after 8 years of no-stop building 4 companies.

At the time, my plan was to spend one month at each destination. Later I learned from mature nomads that the sweet spot is a 3-month stay. Now I understand why. The first months were intense having to learn to adapt to the productivity and timezone. I was practically working 12 hours a day to make up.

I started my travels in May to Lisbon for a soft landing in Europe summer time, then went to Barcelona, Torino, followed by Berlin. It was mid-September when I arrived.

After 4 months of traveling, the element of living in the flow started to take shape. I wasn’t so attached to the perfect planning. Along the way, I met lots of interesting people, bumped into unbelievable places, experienced crazy life situations, some good, some phenomenal, some challenging, had heard amazing life stories and got inspired by them. All of it weaved in me, and I quickly perceived life unfolding like a little box of surprises taking me to the best experiences I couldn’t dare to ask for.

These experiences boosted my confidence in life that all work for our benefit. My level of gratitude was immense. I was going to bed every day grateful for being alive living this beautiful and mysterious play of life. Only by living it, I was capable of understanding the importance of giving room for fate to play its role and take me to where I should be instead of where I wanted to be.

It requires that we leave room for the unplanned, then intuition gets the upper hand, not the ego.

Exactly at this crossing, the winds of change passed through me and I was invited to a travel destination that served as a nesting place for a big life reset, Thailand. Little did I know I was entering a spiritual journey.

Embracing the unexpected as the start of a spiritual journey

And here is how fate played its role. I was in my last week in Berlin, and for some reason, I hadn’t chosen the next location. Friday night I went to a shamanic ecstatic dance party hosted by Blue Monkey, a conscious club in the area. On the dance floor, I met a girl, and we started to vibe and dance like sisters. She needed to leave early because, on the next day, she was getting on an airplane to meet her fiancee in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where she lived for 3 years, and invited me to meet her there.

One week later I was in Chiang Mai enjoying an Open Mic gathering, all smiling and being introduced to her friends, who later became mine. Thailand wasn’t on my plans. But life had a plan of its own, if I was too strict with my planning I probably wouldn’t have lived this experience.

I lived in the city for one full year. It was one of the best and most transformational times of my life until I left to visit the island of Koh Phangan at the invitation of another sister and lived another wave of deep transformations.

Learning to live in the flow

The last 4 years of my life have been about learning to live in the flow, enhancing my relationship with intuition, embracing spontaneity, giving room for things unplanned, and allowing life to unfold instead of forcing my way through. It was been quite a journey to find the balance, and I’m feeling enthusiastic to share it with the world through this medium. 🙏🎉

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We respect and honor Thailand’s culture and Koh Phangan islander elder’s past, present, and future. We acknowledge the stories, traditions, and living cultures of the Thai islander people on this land and commit to building a brighter future together. 

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