What is the difference between a trip and a spiritual journey?

Travel experiences come in various forms, from ordinary trips to profound spiritual journeys. While each type serves its own purpose, a trip is primarily about external experiences, leisure, and exploration, while a spiritual journey is a more profound and introspective process focused on personal growth, inner transformation, and the exploration of spiritual or philosophical aspects of life.

In the previous post, I talked about creating space for the unexpected to enable life to guide us to our healing destination by giving room for the unplanned. The practical mind cannot account for the mysteries hidden by the larger scheme of life, but intuition can. I lived this experience when I entered my spiritual journey in 2019. It wasn’t planned. Intuitively I could feel in my gut the winds of change calling. But if I had planned, I would probably not have arrived at the places (physically and emotionally) that I did.

In October 2019 I landed in Thailand for the first time after a shamanic ecstatic dance party in Berlin. Little did I know the spiritual journey and inner transformation I was about to embark on for the next three years of my life, and as sad as it may seem, I faced an attempt of suicide. Four years later, I’m here writing the lessons learned as I start a brand new life.

If you are a traveler it is important to distinguish the difference between a trip and a spiritual journey. However, note that the two can overlap. Someone might embark on a trip that also serves as a spiritual journey by incorporating elements of self-discovery or seeking a deeper connection to the places they visit.

As a traveler and a former digital nomad, I’ve adopted the mindset to allow the place that I visit “to work” on me, to reveal its magic. Each place has a unique energetic signature, a vibe of its own.

When I land at a destination, I ask myself: What is the “medicine” of this place for me?

What is the difference between a trip and a spiritual journey?

Usually, a spiritual journey is focused on inner exploration and personal growth, as opposed to a trip, which is primarily about recreation and enjoyment. A trip and a spiritual journey differ in several key aspects:

Purpose and Intention:

  • Usually, a trip serves us for recreational, leisure, or exploratory purposes. It’s a getaway to relax and get nurtured by fun, sightseeing, maybe some shopping, food, entertainment, or simply enjoying a change of scenery.
  • A spiritual journey, on the other hand, is primarily focused on personal growth, self-discovery, and connecting with one’s inner self or higher purpose. It often involves seeking transformative experiences.


  • Trips can encompass many destinations, including tourist hotspots, cities, beaches, or any place that makes us happy.
  • Spiritual journeys often involve destinations that hold significance in a spiritual context, such as pilgrimages to sacred sites, retreats, or remote natural settings conducive to contemplation.


  • During a trip, activities are typically geared towards leisure, entertainment, and enjoyment, such as visiting museums, dining out, or engaging in recreational activities.
  • In a spiritual journey, activities become conscious experiences that awaken unconscious materials and may include any kind of art, sports, journaling, meditation, journaling, rituals, or encounters with spiritual guides or mentors.

Time and Duration

  • Trips can happen at any time and vary in duration, from short weekend getaways to longer holiday vacations.
  • Spiritual journeys usually come accompanied by an inner calling, sometimes after a crisis or an inner desire that evokes change and often involves staying longer in one place to facilitate inner exploration and growth.

Personal Growth

  • A trip may offer relaxation and a temporary escape from everyday life but might not necessarily result in profound personal transformation.
  • A spiritual journey is designed to foster personal and spiritual growth, leading to a deeper understanding of oneself and one’s place in the world.


In summary, while both trips and spiritual journeys involve traveling to different places, their purposes, destinations, activities, and outcomes are different. A trip is typically more about leisure and relaxation, while a spiritual journey is centered on inner exploration and spiritual development. In both cases, make room for your intuition to take you to the travel destination where you must be, and if you are going on a spiritual journey follow your heart’s desire by tracking your curiosities. 😉

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